Welcome to the glider project

In the summer of 2000, veterans of the Midland Branch of the Glider Pilot Regimental Association decided that an appropriate memorial to airborne forces would be a complete Airspeed Horsa assault glider. This site follows the construction of this unique piece of aviation history. Please note that all visits to the project are by appointment only.

This Exhibition is being developed to honour the memory of all those who flew to battle in assault gliders in World War Two, the air crews who towed and re-supplied them, the ground crews who serviced the aircraft and the civilian workers who built them.

The Assault Glider Trust is a non-profit making, entirely voluntary organisation without any official funding. It relies entirely upon grants and donations. The National Heritage Lottery Fund has been very generous, but every grant has to be matched, pound for pound, by voluntary donations. With this in mind, we ask you, our guests, to donate any artefacts or related memorabilia, aircraft parts etc to the Trust, where they can be displayed for all to see and appreciate.

We also ask you to donate generously to our cause, to enable us to buy materials and parts for the restoration and maintenance of our collection. We also seek new volunteers to help us. All personal donations, if accompanied by a Gift Aid Declaration, attract a 28% additional donation from the Inland Revenue. Donations in cash or in kind from Companies and Firms can be offset against UK Corporation Tax.